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Ruby’s Story


Ruby was abandoned by her husband after 10 years together (and 6 years of marriage). After her husband left, Ruby entered into a deep depression and constantly struggled to move forward with her life. She struggled to provide for her children, and often her and the children would sit together and cry together because they had no food and were hungry.

A woman from La Hermosa church, the Mexican partner of Casa de Luz and House of Light Goods, had been visiting her. However, because of her emotional state, Ruby didn’t welcome her visits. She felt completely abandoned by God and by the world.

Then, Ruby received a food hamper on one of the CDL/La Hermosa distributions and it was a very moving experience for her. She says that she couldn’t believe that people who didn’t know her would show her such love and concern. It was greatly impacting on her. After this, she decided to open herself and her home up to receiving visits from her neighbour from La Hermosa Church. This same neighbour, who visited Ruby, sharing the Gospel with her and encouraging her, told her about CDL.

Eventually Ruby started coming to La Hermosa Church, where she learned about God and about the love that He has for her and her children. When Ruby started attending La Hermosa, her family completely turned her back on her. They told her that her and her family were cursed and that her future generations would be cursed as well.

Ruby is now able to carry out her job as a seamstress who works out of her home. When her children started attending CDL, she was able to dedicate her full attention to her work (instead of also giving her attention to her children’s care). During her time of depression, Ruby had fallen 8 month behind in her rent. When she started dedicating herself to her work, she was able to quickly repay the months of debt that she owed.

Ruby recently also attended the La Hermosa Women’s retreat, where she was greatly touched and healed by God. She tells us that she feels that God has brought her a new family, made up of people that were previously strangers. She feels as if she has been adopted into the family of La Hermosa. Ruby now tells us, ” I don’t feel like that broken woman and desperate mother that walked through the doors of Casa De Luz a few years ago. I now know Jesus and I know that He has given us a future. Instead of only knowing rejection and abandonment, I finally know what it is like to accepted and to be truly loved.”

Since 2015, Ruby has partnered with Casa de Luz and become our seamstress for House of Light Goods (HOLG). With her income from HOLG, she has been able to invest financially into a piece of land where she hopes to one day live with her family.