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Angelica’s Story


For Angelica, her childhood years which should have been filled with joy, instead lay under a cloud of hurt. She grew up without the presence of a father in her life and faced unthinkable trauma in her teenage and early adult years. 

Later, physical abuse found her again, but this time from her husband. Because of his addictions and violence, Angelica left with her three daughters and found respite in a safe house for women escaping domestic violence. It was there she learned of Casa de Luz. 

Angelica and her daughters arrived at Casa de Luz seeking help in October 2017.  Now, her youngest daughter attends our Children’s Center and her two teen daughters are a part of our Youth Mentorship Program. Since stepping into our CDL family and having a place of stability and safety for her daughters, we have seen hope arise in Angelica. She found employment at a local restaurant, is studying English at CDL and works incredibly hard at both. Because of this, she has been able to put a downpayment on a piece of property close to Primo Tapia where she dreams of building a small home for her and her daughters. She is fighting for her future. She is fighting for her daughter’s futures. She is breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness in her family. 

In 2018, after seeing Angelica’s dedication and personal initiative to make her dreams come true, we invited her to become a part of our House of Light Goods ministry which provides empowered employment to women who are part of Casa de Luz Ministries. Angelica is currently making hand-stamped necklaces which are for sale on site at our House of Light Goods Store.